Bunten Road Park

Bunten Road Park is a 45 acre community park located in the southeast quadrant of the city. The park is located on Bunten Road between Old Peachtree Road and Duluth Highway, about a block away from M.H. Mason Elementary School. This park offers a mixture of passive and active recreation opportunities including baseball, soccer, tennis, playgrounds, walking trails, and a recreation center. The park’s abundance of recreation opportunities and well maintained facilities attract many visitors each year. The park’s circulation includes a single entrance off of Bunten Road which leads to a looping park road. The road provides access to the various parking lots which are placed in close proximity to the various facilities. Pedestrian circulation includes a variety of trails that wind through the park. The central trail is a 10’ wide asphalt trail which passes next to the active fields as well as through the wooded section of the park. Smaller, unpaved paths meander through portions of the wooded area. The trails offer a varied experience for park visitors. The active sports facilities take up the majority of the space in the park. The baseball fields are located in pairs, with a concession building for each pair of fields. One soccer field is located in the northwestern corner of the site, and another soccer field is centrally located, adjacent to the community center. A tennis facility, with 4 courts, sits in the northern end of the park, adjacent to a maintenance facility. The 36,000 square foot community center has an indoor gym, office space, meeting rooms, and aerobics rooms. Duluth’s recreation department headquarters are located at the community center. The community center is heavily used; hosting events for all ages including young children and senior citizens.

Bunten Road Park is located at 3180 Bunten Road, Duluth GA 30096

[1] Community Building (36,000 SF) [1] Playground (3,600 SF) [2] Soccer Fields [2] Baseball Fields [1] Baseball/Softball Field [1] Softball Field [4] Tennis Courts [1.08 mile] Asphalt Bike and Walking Path [2] Restroom/Concession Facilities [400 space] Parking Lot