Public Information & Marketing

The Public Information & Marketing Division is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality service to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Duluth. This department handles a wide variety of issues and activities in addition to its primary responsibility of providing information and promoting the City of Duluth. These services include but are not limited to media relations, website design and development, presentations, event production, advertising design, publications, and various education and outreach activities.

Name Profession Email
  Senior Marketing & Outreach Coordinator  
Jessica Bianchi Development Specialist
Jessica Gross Events Coordinator
Victoria Matsota Event Assistant
Denise Bailey Maintenance Technician/Festival Center

Guiding Principles

Duluth’s Communication and Marketing Plan is based on the following 5 communication principles and the vision and values of the City of Duluth. These principles are critical to the successful implementation of our communications plan.

1. Open Two-Way Communication
Ensure that information is shared throughout the City emphasizing two-way informational flow.

2. Community Participation
Provide citizens with complete, accurate and timely information enabling them to make informed judgments. This will help the City to make the best decisions.

3. Proactive Outreach
Allow the City to tell its story rather than rely exclusively on others to interpret our actions, issues, and decisions.

4. Inclusive Processes
Including everyone in the process builds a sense of teamwork and a feeling of belonging, breaking down feelings of us vs. them. The goal is to include everyone who cares to participate and to motivate those who are not currently involved.

5. Strong and Consistent Messages
A successful communication plan is built on strong themes and is more effective than one with unrelated and scattered messages. The communication plan should support, reinforce and reflect the goals of the City of Duluth as established by the Mayor and Council, thus underscoring the idea of organization with a common purpose.

City of Duluth Code of Ethics