License Compliance

The City of Duluth codes and ordinances (7.4) requires all persons, sole proprietors, firms, corporations, partnerships, and any other form of business organization engaged in or operating any business, trade, profession or occupation in the city limits of Duluth, Georgia to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate. Some may qualify for an  Occupational Tax Exempt Certificate.

The City of Duluth's License Compliance Inspector is a sworn position to enforce City codes and ordinances pertaining to licenses or permits issued by the City Clerk's Staff. These include, but are not limited to, Occupational Tax, Occupational Regulatory Fees, Alcohol License, Alcohol Handling Permits and other permits or licenses issued by that office.

Occupational Tax Certificates must be applied for and approved by the City Clerk before the entity is open to the public,

When necessary, the License Compliance Inspector or a Police Officer may issue a citation for non-compliance of a City code or ordinance.  The party cited is required to appear before the City Municipal Court. Depending on the procedure, a fine may be assessed.

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