City Clerk

The City Clerk’s office is responsible for multiple functions that are conveniently located in the Business Office of City Hall to provide the citizens of Duluth and others an effective, efficient experience while interacting with the staff and elected officials of the local government. Some of the responsibilities of the Clerk’s office are:

  • Personnel
  • Licensing
  • Revenue collections
  • Information Technology
  • Records management
  • Administrative support for the mayor and city council members
  • Administration and oversight of municipal elections
Mission Statement

Our objective is to exceed the customer’s expectations with every interaction. We will achieve this by providing quality service given by trained employees, who are empowered to see themselves as personally responsible for the people they serve. 

Goals & Objectives

  • To build a supportive team to work with the public and one another.
  • To continue to educate and train staff to achieve excellence in governmental affairs, professionalism, and increase productivity.
  • To control and reduce operating costs, ensure regulatory compliance, provide accountability and help protect the City’s resources.
  • To engage citizens in governance and provide full transparency in all aspects of policy and legislation.
Name Profession E-mail
Kristin McGregor Deputy City Clerk
Jocelyn McGiboney Human Resources Manager
Amanda Marks Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Cindy Chu Accounting/HR Technician
Nancy Samuel Occupational Tax Officer
Crystal Huntzinger Property Tax Officer
Ronit Chakraborty Alcohol & Excise Tax Officer
Danielle Ruedt Administrative Records Manager
John Gracia Administrative Assistant / Records Officer
Kimberley Outz Receptionist
Jeff Pruett IT Manager
Steve Beauregard Deputy IT Manager
Williams Johnson IT Technician
Kent Graham Custodian

City of Duluth Code of Ethics