Be a Solution to Stormwater Pollution!

stormwater vs wastewater

Stormwater pollution is one of the greatest threats to clean water
. When it rains, water runs off roofs, driveways and parking lots, and as the water makes its way to the storm drain, it picks up dirt, oil, pet waste and other pollutants before flowing into nearby streams and rivers. Stormwater pollution is often invisible to the naked eye, but is persistent, dangerous and harmful to the wellbeing of our water resources and natural habitats.

Preventing stormwater pollution begins with you!

Remember, the drain is just for rain! Never dump anything down a storm drain or into a drainage ditch. Here are other ways you can be a "Solution to Stormwater Pollution":

  • Dispose of trash properly
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Repair vehicle leaks and dispose of motor oil and other vehicle fluids properly
  • Compost yard clippings
  • Apply fertilizers and pesticides only when necessary, and only in the recommended amount
  • Regularly maintain your septic system to prevent harmful leaks and costly repairs
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and neighbors how they can prevent stormwater pollution!

Not sure how to dispose of something? Just ask! For general waste handling information and a list of disposal locations, visit Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful. Residents of the City of Duluth can also bring many household items to the Duluth Public Works Facility located at 2450 Main Street.

Please contact the City of Duluth Stormwater Department at 770.497.5311 for more information. Thank you for being a solution to stormwater pollution!