Community Development & Engineering

The Community Development and Engineering Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality customer service to the residents, businesses, and visitors of
Duluth.  In addition to the areas of responsibility below, this department is responsible for:

  • Managing applications for land use changes and modifications
  • Enforcing city codes and ordinances
  • Reviewing Plans
  • Issuing Permits
  • Conducting Inspections
  • Providing  transportation planning management
  • Supporting marketing and local events
  • Verifying site and hydrology compliance
The Department performs these duties with the assistance of the City’s ordinances and regulations, the elected officials, citizens, developers, builders, city
employees and sometimes the expertise of outside agencies. The Community Development and Engineering Department also oversees the City's Comprehensive Plan and coordinates long-range planning efforts with other government agencies at the County, State, and Federal levels.


The Mission of the Duluth Department of Community Development and Engineering is to develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance economic opportunity, build strong neighborhoods, and ensure a dynamic framework for quality growth and development.

Areas of responsibility

  • Building Inspection
  • Capital Improvement Project Administration
  • Code Compliance
  • License Compliance
  • Engineering
  • General Permitting Activities
  • Planning
  • Redevelopment Administration
  • Site Development Inspections
  • Stormwater Inspections and Maintenance
  • Transportation Planning
  • Zoning

Division Name Profession Email
Department Administration Margie Shames Pozin, PE Community Development & Engineering Director

Planning and Zoning Division
Aron Hall Deputy Director of Community Development & Engineering 
  Forrest Huffman Special Projects Manager
  Kelly Nguyen Planner
  Wendy Bethancourt Planning Technician
Code Compliance Division Marcus Head Code Compliance Manager
  Shelley Shepphard Code Compliance Officer
  Liz Bradshaw Code Compliance Officer
  Kevin McIntire Code Compliance Officer
  Susan Zboray Compliance Officer
Engineering Division Margie Shames Pozin City Engineer
Permitting and Inspections Division Donald Bowers Building Official
  Layla Corley Permit Technician
  Kevin McInturff Civil Engineer

Stormwater Division
Joshua Arnold Stormwater Program Manager
  Alyssa Gilhooly Stormwater Program Administrator
  Reagan  Belk GIS Specialist

contact and hours of operations

Contact us by using the email list above or by telephone at 770.476.1790. Visit us in person during regular City Hall business hours, Monday – Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm.

City of Duluth Code of Ethics