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Keep your shoes and our streams clean! 
As a pet owner, you’ve got to do some dirty jobs and that includes picking up after them. Pet waste can carry diseases, bacteria and parasites that are harmful to people and other wildlife. When pet waste is washed away into storm drains, ditches and streams, all that gross stuff contaminates the water we drink from, swim in and fish in. Dog waste is also packed with nutrients that can throw ecosystems out of balance, cause algae blooms, and harm overall water quality.

Contrary to popular belief, dog poop is NOT a good fertilizer and provides no benefit to the soil, so leaving it on the ground won’t do any good. In fact, it will probably damage your grass because of the high nitrogen content. Depending on the climate, dog waste can take up to 12 months to decompose and parasites in the poop can survive even longer than that.

It only takes a minute to do your “doo-ty”! In your yard, in the park, in the woods – always pick up after your pet right away! Always carry plenty of waste bags with you and drop dog waste in the nearest trash bin. Your environment, neighbors and friends (and your dog!) thank you!

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Doing your doo-ty has never been easier in Downtown Duluth!
 When your dog does their business, please dispose of it in one of the six conveniently placed doggie stations.  Dog waste is not only unsightly and stinky but it can be harmful to our Downtown visitors and residents...and no one wants to step in a pile of poo while they are enjoying a stroll through the beautiful Town Green.

Current stations are marked by the dog heads below (Fun fact: you can look for these dog heads to identify doggie stations). We look forward to adding more once construction on the Main Street paver lot is complete. 

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The City of Duluth is excited to launch the Duluth Dogs Pet Waste Pledge campaign. Take the pledge to be a responsible pet owner and your Duluth Dog just may be featured as our pet of the month! By completing the pledge, you are agreeing to clean up after your pet when visiting public spaces and regularly picking up pet waste from your yard. All pets and responsible owners that take the pledge can pick up a free doggie waste dispenser from City Hall. Take the pledge now!

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Chattapoochee Dog Park – Located at 4291 Rogers Bridge Road in Duluth, Chattapoochee Dog Park features a large and small dog fenced in areas with fountains, agility equipment and shaded areas for running and playing.

Dog Days of Summer – This annual event is hosted alongside Fridays-N-Duluth in Downtown Duluth. You can expect to see a doggie stunt show, dedicated pet food trucks, local pet vendors, best in show contest and more!

Visit Duluth Town Green – Downtown Duluth is very pet-friendly! Grab your pup and stroll around the green, rest in the shade or enjoy one of our many events. Please remember that all pets must be leashed.

Hit the trails at Bunten Road Park – Located at 3180 Bunten Road, with over 45 acres and a 1.08 mile asphalt path, any pup would enjoy a walk (or run) at this local park!

Many barks to our Duluth Dog of the Month sponsor!