Alcohol Licensing

Welcome to the Alcohol Beverage Licensing Department! We are happy to provide information regarding Alcohol Beverage Licensing, Alcohol Handling Permits, and Alcohol Awareness Training for the City of Duluth. City Hall is open to the public. The Business Office hours are Monday - Fridaty, 8:00am-4:30pm.

All businesses within the City limits of Duluth that are interested in serving or selling any type of alcohol beverage (liquor, spirits, distilled beverages, beer, and/or wine) are required to obtain an Alcohol Beverage License. You may contact us by visiting the Business Office in City Hall at 3167 Main Street, emailing us at or by calling 770.476.3434. 

OCGA 3-2-7.1 required the GA Department of Revenue to implement a statewide centralized application process for retail alcohol licensing.  This new process ensures the initial application is sent simultaneously to the State and City. This is managed through the Georgia Tax Center (GTC) portal, which can be accessed via this link: GEORGIA TAX CENTER. We suggest you review the FAQs  FOR ALCOHOL LICENSING FAQS  and print out the instructions for registering a retail alcohol license account on the site which are linked HERE for your convenience. For questions regarding the GA Dept. of Revenue requirements, call 877-423-6711 or access the DOR website for the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco at

Since the State of GA regulations are not identical to the City of Duluth ordinance, our forms are still required to be completed.  If you wish to clarify components of the Duluth ordinance, email

On this site you will find the following:

  1. New Alcohol Beverage License Application (available via link on GTC also)
  2. Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application
  3. Application for Alcohol Beverage Catering
  4. Applications for Special events, and non-profit special events (must also begin on GTC) 
  5. Alcohol Handling Permit Application (new and renewal)
  6. Alcohol Awareness Training (dates, times, and cost)
  7. Excise Tax Report and Payment Options