Wellness Program

The City of Duluth Wellness Program is maintained by a Wellness Committee made up of City employees from different departments. The program is designed to reward employees for choosing a healthy lifestyle. The program is currently open to all full-time employees and is on a quarterly rewards system. Goals must be completed during the quarter, based on a point system.

Earn prizes and a wellness day for each quarter that you participate!

For more information, please click the links below to access the Wellness Program Information.

2024 Wellness Program Information
Wellness Packet effective 01-01-2024 (PDF file)
Wellness Points System Tracking Form 01-01-2024, edited 7-20-23 (PDF file)
Gym Reimbursement Policy effective 07-01-2023 (PDF file)

Wellness Events
Heart Month Packet with Calendar - February 2024 (quarter 1 of 2024 only)

These are 5 points for every 30 minutes of educational information. Please use the form in the wellness packet above to document your attendance.

2024 Open Enrollment Webinar
Benefits Training (Town Hall) - presented by Ashley Gilder with MSI Benefits Group (05/02/24)

United Healthcare Webinars
UHC Webinars (pre-recorded, watch all sections for the one you select)

Northside Hospital Webinars
2023 Northside Hospital Wellness Wednesday Webinars - document with monthly webinar links.
2024 Northside Hospital Wellness Wednesday Webinars - document with monthly webinar links
Previously Recorded:
2024-2023 Northside Hospital Wellness Wednesday Archives
Total Body Wellness - recorded 01/18/23 Passcode: Q%.i%.8F 

One America Retirement Training
One Day Training  (457b/457Roth/401a)
One America 457/401 Retirement Training (One America Webinar) - recorded 03/21/24
Getting Ready for Retirement (One America Webinar) - recorded 3/2/2023
The City will also do internal training both in-person and virtually.

GMA Pension
GMA Pension Training (webinar) - recorded 04/11/24
GMEBS Pension Training - printout to presentation (04/11/24)
GMEBS Retirement - This was not recorded, but the handout is linked (02/28/23). 

Medicare Training
Medicare:  Navigating the Maze
- recorded 05/08/24, presented by Robert Cox with Winchester Financial
Understanding Medicare - recorded 03/06/23, presented by MSI Benefits Group.

Social Security Training
Maximizing Social Security (Tying Retirement All Together) - (coming soon, 06/27/24), presented by Robert Cox with Winchester Financial
Social Security:  Retirement 101 Training
- (recorded 04/30/24), presented by Annese Norman with Social Security Administration

Employee Assistance Program Webinars and Resources
EAP Life Services Toolkit - password: support
This includes information and online training for life planning (including wills), funeral planning, grief & loss, personalized legal center, financial fitness center, remembering a life, mindfulness, emotional well-being, and health.

Aflac webinar - recorded 11/27/23