Wellness Program

The City of Duluth Wellness Program is maintained by a Wellness Committee made up of City employees from different departments. The program is designed to reward employees for choosing a healthy lifestyle. The program is currently open to all full-time employees and is on a quarterly rewards system. Goals must be completed during the quarter, based on a point system.

Earn prizes and a wellness day for each quarter that you participate!

For more information, please click the links below to access the Wellness Program Information.

2022 Wellness Program Information
Wellness Packet effective 1-1-2022, edited 7-7-22 (PDF file)
Wellness Worksheet (Main Tracking Form) 1-1-2022, edited 7-1-22 (PDF file)

Webinars are 5 points for every 30 minutes of educational information. Please use the form in the wellness packet above to document your attendance.

United Healthcare Webinars
UHC Webinars (pre-recorded, watch all sections for the one you select)

Northside Hospital Webinars
2022 Northside Hospital Wellness Wednesday Webinars - document with monthly webinar links.
Previously Recorded:
Heartburn and GERD Webinar - recorded 11-10-21 Passcode: +e9+ATiB
Understanding Your Lab Results - recorded 1-19-22 Passcode: v&*$7fe@ 
Diabetes - recorded 3-2-22 Passcode: ZP$8htS?
Basics of Fitness and Exercise Guidelines - recorded 5-11-22 Passcode: 505255
Non-surgical Treatment Options for Pain - recorded 6-15-22 Passcode: 1P!R&t4T
Recommended Screening Tests for Healthy Adults - recorded 8-17-22 Passcode: w=sD8EUJ
AFib: Could that heart flip-flopping be something serious? - recorded 9/21/22 Passcode: kZD9D@!w
Home Safety & Fall Prevention - recorded 10/26/22 Passcode: coming soon