Alcohol Awareness Training

The City of Duluth along with GUIDE, Inc., have created alcohol awareness training to educate owners, managers, and employees regarding state laws, city ordinances, responsibilities, and penalties related to serving alcohol. This training is mandatory (one time) for new businesses serving alcohol and their employees. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that ensures responsible alcohol service while reducing risk for patrons and our citizens. 

Class Information:

  1. Training is required for owners, managers, servers and handlers for any establishment that sells or serves alcoholic beverages in the City of Duluth. Only required for issuance of a new permit (not renewals). Handling permits are renewed every 2 years.
  2.  Register for the class when obtaining the temporary alcohol handling permit.
  3.  Class cost is $20. Make payment online at under the Alcohol Permitting button prior to the class.
  4.  The class is approximately 1 1/2 hours, plus the exam. 
  5.  Individuals will be issued the permanent alcohol handling permit once the class is completed and the exam is passed. 
  6.  Classes begin at 2:00PM at Duluth City Hall in the Community Room located on the basement level. City Hall is located at 3167 Main St., Duluth, GA 30096. Please arrive at 1:45PM to register and collect training materials. Doors will close promptly at 2:00PM to ensure that the class is completed on time. 
  7.  Contact the Alcohol Officer at or by phone at 770.497-5286 with any questions.
  8. For language assistance, contact the Alcohol Officer at least seven (7) days prior to the class.
Class Schedule:

May 28, 2024 Tuesday 2:00PM-3:30PM
June 11, 2024 Tuesday 2:00PM-3:30PM
July 09, 2024 Tuesday 2:00PM-3:30PM

If you miss your scheduled class, reschedule as soon as possible by emailing the Alcohol Officer at or by calling 770.497.5286. Your temporary permit may expire before the next class offering, and temporary permits are NOT extended, which means you would not be able to handle alcohol.

For additional information, contact the City of Duluth Alcohol/Excise Tax Officer Ronit Chakraborty
at or call 770-476-3434 x1221.