The Duluth Police Department is happy to announce our updated Emergency Communication Center will be able to use 911Eye during call-taking when dispatching police officers. 911Eye enables a caller with a smartphone to securely live stream video, pictures, and GPS coordinates directly from their phone to our Communication Center without installing any App on their phone. The critical real-time information assists our Telecommunicators and Officers with quickly making better-informed decisions and mobilizing the correct resources.

911Eye live footage provides invaluable information to responders who have been dispatched to the incident. The live video stream supplements the audio information obtained from the voice call and provides enhanced insight to the responders helping them to deliver the appropriate response while ensuring the safety of both themselves and the public. The service is securely hosted and scalable for use in any organization.

The 911Eye system works via SMS text message or email. A Duluth Police Department Telecommunicator simply sends a text or an email to the smartphone of the caller. By clicking on the URL link contained within the text message or email, a secure ‘one-time-use’ live video stream is enabled. The stream allows the Telecommunicator to see the incident, assess how serious it is, and decide what and how many resources to deploy. The caller’s location is provided via GPS coordinates, which are both automatically plotted on an onscreen map and dynamically refreshed, providing visible, real-time updates to their position, even if they are moving. Importantly, no footage is stored on the user’s device. And if the caller has a poor signal or the device doesn’t support video, they can opt to send still photo images instead.

Duluth Police 911Eye_Graphic - Copy