Public Information Office

Sadowski_CPL_11022022The Public Information Office (PIO) plays a vital role as a liaison between the Police Department and the media, be it local, national, or international. The PIO's primary responsibility is to provide accurate and timely information about the Department's activities to the public and the news media (broadcast and print). It is an essential part of the Department's day-to-day law enforcement operations, ensuring that communication channels remain open between the Department, the media, and the public. The PIO strives to maintain an excellent relationship with the media, which benefits both parties. The media receives up-to-date and factual information for publication and broadcast, while the law enforcement community benefits from the media's ability to publicize the Department's crime prevention efforts and community policing projects. The PIO's goal is to promote a positive image of the Department by working with media outlets and designing programs that meet the needs of the community.

For media inquiries, contact Public Information Officer Corporal Ted Sadowski at (678) 512-3731 or

Corporal Sadowski is responsible for maintaining the Police Department's social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Nextdoor. He ensures the public is kept up-to-date with the latest information.

To contact Corporal Sadowski, contact him via email at:, or (678) 512-3731.