City Transportation Projects & Road Closures

North Street and South Street temporary ClosingS beginning Wednesday, may 22

North Street will close to traffic from Main Street (only at the intersection) to allow construction to take place at the intersection of North and Main. Traffic will need to use South Street and Lee Street to access North Street. Once that is complete, South Street will close to traffic only at the intersection with Main Street, for similar construction purposes, and you can use North Street and Lee Street to access South Street. Signage will be in place in the field, and this should only take a few days at each closure location, pending good weather.  Please exercise caution and patience during this time, and throughout construction.  If anyone has questions, email 

2024 Main St Duluth Detour
North St Duluth Detour

South Peachtree Street Closing Permanently on Monday, May 6
The existing rail crossing at South Peachtree Street (at the end of Hardy Street) will close permanently on Monday, May 6. Four crews will be on-site for a couple of days while they switch from the South Peachtree crossing to the Davenport crossing.
What does this mean?
  1. Norfolk Southern gave the city permission to pave the remaining gaps in the road on Monday, May 6 (the same day they are on site), and there is about two weeks’ worth of road work left to complete after the paving is done. There will be a period of time when BOTH crossings are closed. We hope to minimize this disruption and we hope the weather cooperates. You will need to reroute to the SR 120 RR Xing or the Brock Road RR Crossing to get to/from Buford Highway. Gwinnett County is aware and will adjust the signal timings in downtown as needed.
  2. Police and Fire have been alerted to this closure in case an emergency vehicle needs to reach you.
  3. Trash pickup has been alerted to the closure and will reroute their vehicles starting on Monday, May 6.
  4. School buses have been alerted in the event they need to reroute.

Please use caution in the area as these changes are completed.
South Peachtree Street Closure - Copy



restriping on hill street, mcclure bridge road and brock road

City contractors will be striping Hill Street between West Lawrenceville Street and Hardy Street on May 21.

Contractors will also be restriping the roundabout at McClure Bridge Road and West Lawrenceville on May 21 and 22. Traffic delays can be expected during this work. Please slow down and pay attention when traveling in work zones. 

Brock Road from Buford Highway to Main Street is scheduled to be restriped on Thursday, May 25, weather permitting.  The road will be open to traffic, but delays may be possible. Please use an alternate route if possible. 

Other Transportation Projects

Gwinnett County has a project to extend the Western Gwinnett Bikeway from The Chattahoochee Golf Course to McGinnis Ferry Road. Click HERE for information on this project.

Gwinnett County has a project to widen Pleasant Hill Road from four lanes to six from McClure Bridge Road to the Chattahoochee River. For additional information:

Their website is but this is not project specific.  However, it does have information about programs and road closures.

To obtain project information or information in general related to transportation in Gwinnett, you may contact Community Relations at 770.822.7400 or at