Court Dress Code

The following dress code for the Duluth Municipal Court was adopted on April 26, 2006 and is applicable to all persons entering the courtroom.


If appearing to the Court that a prescribed dress Code and a guideline for conduct in the courtroom is needed,

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that all persons entering the courtroom (in the City of Duluth) as spectators or participants shall be dressed in the following manner:

MALES: shall wear shoes, long pants and collared shirts that are tucked in.
FEMALES: shall wear shoes, dresses, skirts, or long pants, with blouses, sweaters or casual dress skirts.

Shots, tank tops, bare midriffs and halter tops are not acceptable dress for court.

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that no pager or cellular telephones be brought into the courtroom.
Any deviation from this order shall be approved on a case-by-case basis by the presiding judge.
SO ORDERED, this 26 day of April, 2006.

Charles L. Barrett III, Chief Judge
Duluth Municipal Court