New Alcohol Beverage License

Instructions for applying for a new business license:

All businesses within the City limits of Duluth that are interested in serving or selling any type of alcohol beverage (liquor, spirits, distilled beverages, beer, and/or wine) are required to obtain an Alcohol Beverage License. Email us at, visit the Business Office at Duluth City Hall, or call 770.476.3434 for individual assistance.

New applicants will be required to start the licensing process directly with the State of Georgia through the "Centralized Alcohol Processing" Portal - Georgia Tax Center.   You must register an account with the Department of Revenue to use this online service.  For questions regarding the GA Dept. of Revenue online portal, call 877-423-6711 or access the Dept. of Revenue website for the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco at

1. Application Completion
- In addition to applying with the State of Georgia, the City of Duluth application for a local license to sell alcohol within the City must be completed. The license is not transferable and expires annually on June 30th regardless of license issue date. Access the application through the GTC portal or by clicking on the link below.
Larger companies may need additional forms. Access these forms by clicking on the links below.
2. Investigation & License Fee - A $250 non-refundable investigation fee is required at submission of an application. The fee is payable online with a credit card, or in person with credit/debit card, certified check, cashier’s check, or cash. Once the investigative process is complete, the license fee will be charged and invoiced separately.  All methods of payment are accepted as outlined above.

3. Occupational Tax Certificate – In order to sell, offer for sale, or otherwise dispense any alcohol beverages for consumption on or off premises within the city limits of Duluth, new businesses must obtain a current year City of Duluth Occupational Tax Certificate before an alcohol application will be accepted.

4. State License - A state license must be obtained through the Georgia Department of Revenue. Visit the State of Georgia Department of Revenue  or by calling 877.423.6711.

5. Criminal History Consent - All owners and managers are required to complete a Personal History Statement and Consent for Background Check with valid identification as part of the application. In addition, owners are required to be fingerprinted by the Duluth Police Department. 

6. Citizen or Immigration Authorization – All applicants are required to verify citizenship or immigration status, as an alcohol license is determined to be a public benefit.

7. Alcohol Handling Permit - All licensees and employees handling or serving alcohol are required to obtain an Alcohol Handling Permit. Permits are valid for a two-year period at a cost of $70. Visit Alcohol Handling Permits for detailed instructions regarding the issuance of temporary, permanent, and renewal permits.

8. Alcohol Awareness Training – A one-time alcohol training class is required for individuals applying for a new Alcohol Handling Permit. Visit Alcohol Awareness Training for a listing of dates and times. The cost of the class is $20 payable by credit card at

9. Code Ordinance - Applicants shall access and review the Duluth Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance (Duluth Code of Ordinance, Chapter 3) for a detailed explanation of the law. Licensees are required to maintain a copy of the ordinance on premises of the business, and all employees shall be familiar with the requirements of the ordinance.

10. Application Submission - To submit a license application, contact the Alcohol Officer at or by calling 770.497.5286 to schedule an appointment.

11. View hours of alcohol sales at Hours of Alcohol Sales.

12. Is your business inside the city limits of Duluth? View City limits map.