Connect Duluth


Duluth’s Newest Outreach Program Gains Traction

Duluth, GA (February 1, 2018) – Duluth’s newest outreach program seems to already be a popular one among Duluth residents. Connect Duluth was introduced during “The Be Duluth Show” by Mayor Nancy Harris. Seats have already been filled from residents eager to talk about Duluth.

“We realized there is a need for community members to get in touch with city leaders to discuss ideas or concerns related to Duluth. This program lends itself to just that and we are excited to get it started” said Mayor Nancy Harris.

Connect Duluth is a program designed to spark meaningful conversations between members of the community and city officials over dinner. It is a nod to the very popular Gwinnet County program “Dinner & Dialogue with Chairman Charlotte Nash” where residents meet with their county commissioner over dinner.

Connect Duluth will consist of six (6)  meetings a year where community members are encouraged to meet for dinner and discuss concerns and/or ideas about Duluth with a council member and a city representative. All guests are responsible for the cost of their own meals.

Events are limited to 10 guests and registration is required to attend. Additional information can be found here: