Special Operations

The Special Operations Unit, headed by Sgt. Jill Manders, is responsible for all traffic-related issues. The unit is comprised of seven officers who handle many different types of calls including; accidents, road hazards, parking violations, traffic flow, deploying barricades for city events, monitoring areas of traffic complaints and enforcing traffic laws. The unit is made up of three Motor officers, two H.E.A.T. officers, two Mounted officers and two K-9 officers. Each officer has a specialty but everyone in the unit works as a team to meet the needs of the department and keep the citizens safe as they travel through the city. Although these officers are assigned to a specialized unit, they are also used as necessary to meet the needs and demands of the department so that it continues to operate as efficiently as possible.

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 To report non-emergency traffic concerns, please call 770-476-4151, or email