Street Maintenance


The Public Works Department Street Division is responsible for maintenance to all City streets, from repairing potholes, sink-holes and sidewalks to maintaining and replacing signs, to clearing after storms.

Below are streets that are planned to be treated with Reclamite starting Wednesday, April 20.  Streets will remain open; however, expect minor delays.  Vehicles should not follow the spray truck. More information on daily scheduling will be published as available on the Public Works homepage.  

Abbotts Pointe Drive, Abbotts Pointe Court
Abbotts Oak Way
Ardmore Court  - from Howell Mead Drive to cul de sac      
Benthollow Lane     – from Park Bluff Lane to cul de sac 
Benthollow Way    – from Benthollow Lane to cul de sac   
Berkeley Park Court, Berkely Park Drive
Brock Road -Hill St to First St
Bromley Rowe    – from Davenport Road to Dover Drive     
Brookshire Way 
Bryn Mawr Court-   Howell Meadow Drive to end- both cul de sacs are included  
Cambridge Avenue
Casey Glen Court   – from Howell Meadow Drive to cul de sac
Chelsea Court – from Heath Lane to cul de sac
Crossfield Way
  - from Ennfield Lane to Ennfield Lane         
Davenport Extension
Donnaville Street (Dogwood to Washington St)  
East Whippoorwill Drive  – from dead end to dead end
Ennfield Way   – from Creek Drive to Ennfield Lane         
Grey Street
Grizzly Lane     – from Rogers Cove to dead end        
Hansom Cab Way   – from Old Coach Road to cul de sac 
Heath Lane    – from Bunten Road to Brookshire Way
Hill Street w/in subdivision
Howell Meadow Drive – from Irvindale Road to Howell Springs Drive
Ivy Run Circle      – from Ivy Station Way to Ivy Station Way
 Ivy Station Drive  – from Ivy Run Circle to cul de sac
 Ivy Station Way   – from Ivy Run Circle to Irvindale Road      
Jester Court     – from Regency Park Drive to cul de sac        
Kenwood Drive    – from Brookshire Way to cul de sac   
Kenwood Court      – from Kenwood Drive to cul de sac  
Lamplighter Circle – from Old Coach Road to cul de sac
Majestic Park Court – from Regency Park Drive to cul de sac
Main Street – (Hardy St to Boxwood Alley/Preston Alley)        
Old Coach Rd     – from Albion Farm Road to Carriage Gate Drive     
Regal Park Court (from Regency Park Drive to cul de sac)      
Regency Park Drive – from cul de sac to cul de sac
River Summit Drive – from Rogers Bridge Road to cul de sac
Rogers cove – from cul de sac to cul de sac
Romulus Drive    – from Old Peachtree Road to Augustus Drive     
Thornbrooke Court  – from River Summit Drive to cul de sac
Thornbrooke Place  – from cul de sac to cul de sac
Victoria Way – from Heath Lane to Kensington Drive

2021 Milling, Patching and Resurfacing Project - 
This project will extend into 2022, depending on how the progress goes with weather conditions.  Roads scheduled to be repaved are:
Abbotts Pointe Drive                    Abbotts Pointe Court                    Abbotts Oak Way
Berkeley Park Court                       Berkeley Park Drive                       Brookhurst Court
Hackberry Circle (
asphalt portion only)                                                    Lake Villas Court
Lake Villas Lane                                 Laurel Club Drive                              Meeting Street
Riverwood Parkway                        Royal Oak Circle                                Villa Brooke Court

Dead Animal Removal:
The Public Works Department can only report dead animals on the roadside to Gwinnett County. We do not have the proper equipment or an incinerator to handle this task. The County follows a schedule for pick-up and consequently, animals may stay for a few days before they are removed. Thanks for your patience.

Prior to working within the City's right-of-way, a permit is required. Follow the links below for more information on how to obtain a right-of-way permit.
Right of Way Registration
Right of Way Ordinance

City Maintained Streets:

Did you know that not all streets within the City are owned and maintained by Duluth? Some streets within the City are privately owned or maintained by either Gwinnett County or the Georgia Dept. of Transportation (GA DOT).  For services on those streets, please contact the appropriate agency. 

For a list of City streets, click here.

Gwinnett County maintained streets - please contact Gwinnett County at 770.822.7474 or

Albion Farm Road                                                      Old Peachtree Road
Bugle Drive                                                                    Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Bunten Road                                                                  Pittard Road
Chattahoochee Drive                                               Pleasant Hill Road
Creek Drive                                                                     Roberts Road
Gravitt Road (and surrounding areas)              Rogers Bridge (Buford to PIB)     
Howell Circle                                                                   Satellite Blvd. (and areas surrounding Gwinnett Place)
McDaniel Street                                                             Sugarloaf Pkwy
North Berkeley Lake Road                                       Summit Ridge Pkwy
Old Norcross Road                                                      

Full Depth Reclamation:

Full Depth Reclamation is a process that reclaims the entire asphalt surface of the existing roadway and part of the underlying base. This material is then crushed, pulverized, blended and replaced to make a stabilized road bed, which is then re-paved with new asphalt, essentially creating a brand new road. This project is partially funded by the LMIG (Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant) Funds, a program funded by the Georgia Motor Fuel Tax and allocated through the Georgia Department of Transportation. The remaining funds come from SPLOST (the penny sales tax). 

Georgia Department of Transportation maintained roads:

  • Duluth is served by District 1, with a field office located in Lawrenceville, their number is 770.339.2308 or

       Buford Highway (aka SR 23)
       Highway 120 (aka SR 120, Abbotts Bridge Road, Duluth Highway)