School Zone Speed Cameras to Be Installed

The Duluth Police Department believes the safety of our children and students are paramount. Speeding in school zones has been a constant issue for most police agencies and Duluth is no exception. The Duluth Police Department believes in finding ways to help reduce speed and at the same time help increase safety.

 The City Council has voted to install School Zone Speed Cameras in several school zones in our city. We are partnering with RedSpeed USA, and there will be no cost to the city to install or maintain the system. RedSpeed USA will be responsible for the installation and equipment at the proposed locations in the city. The proposed school zones are:

  • Chattahoochee Elementary School
  • Mason Elementary School
  • Duluth Middle School
  • Coleman Middle School

Enforcement in school zones will only take place during AM and PM school zone hours and will begin enforcement at 15 mph or over the School Zone speed limit. No enforcement will done on non-school days. There will be a warning period following the installation where no tickets will be issued.

 Violations will cost $75 for the first infraction and $150 for each infraction after that. All infractions will be sent to the Duluth Police Department where an officer will verify the speed, location, and vehicle information (correct tag, etc.).

 The School Zone camera enforcement is slated to begin shortly after the beginning of the 2019 school year. More information regarding this safety method will be on the Duluth Police Department website (www.duluthpd.com) and throughout our social media outlets.