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The Duluth Police Department is respectfully requesting our City’s residents and business owner’s assistance in helping us solving crimes by participating in a new endeavor that’s designed to catch criminals and hold them accountable for their actions.

How can you help? Check this out!

The creation of the “Community Eye Watch Program” started with our Departments Patrol Officers and Detectives canvassing neighborhoods after a crime had occurred in an effort to determine if video surveillance footage was available. The inception of this idea has blossomed into the “Community Eye Watch Program," which enlists our community to help us develop a real-time database of residences and businesses in our City that are equipped with video surveillance systems. Should a crime occur, Officers can access the database and then quickly determine which residences and businesses may have footage that will ultimately help us solve that crime. “This new community policing initiative allows our residents and business owners the opportunity to help us solve cases and make our City a safer place to live, work and visit” says Duluth Police Officer Ted Sadowski.

To join the Community Eye Watch Program, please click HERE.

For additional information regarding the “Community Eye Watch Program”, please contact Officer Ted Sadowski at (678) 512-3731 or Email at PDPIO@DULUTHPD.COM