Chief R. D. Belcher

Chief BelcherChief Belcher began his law enforcement career with the Mansfield Police Department in Richland County, Ohio in 1974. He joined the Duluth Police Department in 1976, as a Patrol Officer and in 1978, became the City’s first full-time Detective. Over the next six years, he continued to climb the career ladder to the rank of Lieutenant Detective. In October 1983 he was appointed Acting Chief of Police. In January 1984, he became the youngest Police Chief in the State of Georgia. Among the countless hours of specialized training he has received, Chief Belcher is an F.B.I. National Academy graduate. Through his leadership, he has sculpted a small country police agency of 16 employees into a technically advanced police agency of 78.

It is Chief Belcher’s goal to provide a safe and crime free community where the residents feel safe and where our children will want to raise their children.