The City has established a comprehensive Stormwater Management Program to ensure the future usefulness and operational function of the existing stormwater management systems and facilities while providing for additions and improvements to the system. The Stormwater Utility user fee has been established to provide an adequate and stable funding source for implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program and drainage-related capital improvement needs. Stormwater Utility user fees charge based on the area of impervious surface located on each improved property is the most appropriate and equitable means of allocating the cost of stormwater management services throughout the City

Stormwater Utility (SW Utility) user fee credits are made available to private and public entities that undertake specific stormwater management activities to reduce their impact/demand on the City’s Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) and the associated costs that would otherwise be expended by the City SWMP.  If a customer enacts a specific credit activity that is approved by the City, then the customer will receive a credit on their monthly stormwater user fee bill.  Credits will be periodically reviewed by the City for compliance with the applicable standards in the City of Duluth   SW Utility Credit Manual (the Manual).  Credits are given for both structural and non-structural stormwater management activities and include, but are not limited to, the following: detention ponds, stormwater controls, best management practices (BMPs), education programs, watershed stewardship and other approved activities as determined/defined by the City. 

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Stormwater Utility Ordinance

2015 Stormwater Utility User Fee Credit Manual

Appendix A Residential User Fee Credit Application

Appendix B Non-Residential User Fee Credit Application

Right of Entry Agreement for Stormwater User Fee Credit Evaluation