Rip rap is commonly used to protect soil from erosion in areas of concentrated runoff. Placing rip rap along a ditch or channel increases surface roughness and slows the velocity of water, protecting the soil surface against erosion and scour.

The City of Duluth established a Rip Rap Program to assist property owners in maintaining drainage easements on their property. Under the Rip Rap Program, the City's Stormwater Utility will provide a single load (approximately 15-18 tons) of Type III rip rap delivered to a single property for the erosion protection of a drainage easement. An HOA is eligible for up to ten loads of rip rap delivered to a single common location. Type III rip rap stone is generally the size of a football up to the size of a basketball.

The Stormwater Department is currently accepting applications for rip rap and will review applications after July 1, 2022. Please review the program guidelines carefully and submit a completed application to the City of Duluth Stormwater Department. Applications for rip rap will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Duluth Rip Rap Program - Application
Duluth Rip Rap Program - Guidelines 
Duluth Rip Rap Program - Indemnity Release

If you are interested and have more questions, please call the City of Duluth Stormwater Department at 770.497.5311.

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