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Zoning Ordinance Table of Contents
Zoning Ordinance (with amendments through 10/08/12) 
    -current zoning map
Zoning Overlay Districts – Downtown and Buford Hwy.  (adopted 9/8/08)
     -map showing overlay districts
2030 Comprehensive Plan (adopted 12/8/08)
Large-Scale Development Ordinance (adopted 12/17/07)
Sign Ordinance 
Cell Tower Ordinance
Conservation Subdivision Overlay Ordinance
Sprinkler Ordinance
Floodplain Management Ordinance (adopted 9/25/06)
Storm Water Design Manual (Gwinnett County’s manual – very large file)
Stormwater Utility Ordinance and accompanying Credit Manual (adopted 6/13/11)
Stormwater Utility User Fee Billing Rate Ordinance (amended 7/9/12)

Development Regulations Table of Contents

Article 1: Authority, Purpose and Intent
Article 2: Definitions
Article 3: Applications 
Article 4: Permits Required for Development or Construction 
Article 5: General Requirements
Article 6: Access and Right-of-Way Requirements; and Street Improvements and Construction Requirements
Article 7: Utilities and Easements
Article 8: Site Grading, Storm water detention culverts, and pipe drainage systems and soil sediment control requirements
Article 9: Performance Guidelines
Article 10: Plan and Plat Specifications
Article 11: Procedures
Article 12: Fees
Article 13: Administration, Appeal and Violations
Article 14: Adoption and Amendment

Duluth Building Code (Administrative Section only)
Property Maintenance Ordinance (amended 5/14/07)
Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Ordinance (adopted 6/28/10)
Buffer Landscape & Tree Ordinance
Stream Buffer Protection Ordinance
Wetlands Protection Ordinance (maps not included)
Groundwater Recharge Area Ordinance (maps not included)
Water Supply Watershed Ordinance & Map
Illicit Discharge and Illicit Connection Ordinance
Health & Sanitation Ordinance

You may also link to to obtain additional ordinances for the City of Duluth.

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