Maps and GIS

Explore City data to look up parcels, determine zoning, view flood hazard zones and more.

Duluth's web-based mapping application, CityView, provides basic map and search functions so users can explore city data. Here are a few of the benefits of CityView:
  • Look up by address, place or parcel PIN
  • Determine if a property is in the city limits
  • Determine a property's zoning district
  • Determine a property's school district
  • Locate City amenities
  • View 50-75 foot stream buffers
  • View FEMA flood hazard zones
  • Draw, create, save and print maps
The City of Duluth geographic information system (GIS) includes maintenance of the City's existing data sets, on-site staff support, creation of analytical maps and integrates hardware, software and data for capturing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. It allows us to visualize data in many ways to analyze patterns, trends or to plan for future infrastructure and development.  With so much data available at our disposal, GIS is helping us to ask complex questions and create comprehensive solutions.

Duluth’s Planning and Development Department is responsible for creating, updating and maintaining all (GIS) data pertinent to the City of Duluth. 



PDF Maps Available Online:
Street Map
2020 Downtown Parking Map
Character Area Map (Please refer to our Comprehensive Plan)
Future Land Use Map (Please refer to our Comprehensive Plan)
Zoning Map 
The Official Zoning Map is updated from time to time. For an official zoning determination please contact the Planning Department at 770.476.1790.
Flood Map
Sidewalks & Multi-Use Trails Map
Stormwater Zones Map