Land Disturbance Permits

Site plans including development, preliminary plats, final plats, re-submittals, any documentation associated with development plans, etc., will be accepted each week day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The City requires two hard copy sets of plans as well as a digital set on disc (TIF format). Digital plans will not be accepted for review purposes

Requirements with submittal include:

  • 2 sets of development plans (including a digital copy)
  • 2 copies of hydrology report (and 1 digital copy)
  • Review Fee
  • Submittal Application
  • Original red lined plans (re-submittals only) or narrative addressing comments

Full land development permit requirements can be found here and lesser permit (clearing, grading, grubbing) requirements can be found by contacting the City Engineer (Margie Pozin). Forms and applications relating to these processes and can be found here. Planning & Development review times and submittall procedures can also be viewed  here - Planning & Development Process Overview.

If you are seeking a new curb cut on a County maintained roadway or off of a State roadway, you must submit your plans to the those entities.  

Once review is completed, the applicant will recieve comments or approval via e-mail. If you have comments to be addressed, please address all of the comments provided and resubmit two sets of revised plans and a hydrology study (both on disc as well) and the original red lined plans (or a narrative)  for re-review. Once the re-submittal has been reviewed and if the plans are approved, a Land Disturbance Permit application may be submitted.