Commercial Permits

Commercial construction requires architectural plan review and approval by the City Building Inspector and Gwinnett County Fire Marshal  ,and all Subcontractor Affidavits.

If there is food preparation, such as a restaurant, Gwinnett County Environmental Health  must stamp your plans.

If the business will tie into the sewer system, the plans must be stamped by Gwinnett County Public Utilities. Businesses included are restaurants, cafeterias, delicatessens, ice cream parlors, markets, convenience stores, bakeries, churches, day care centers, photo labs, medical offices, dental offices, veterinary offices, and any business that uses petroleum products such as car washes, body shops, and auto repairs shops, as well as any type of manufacturing or processing operation. Grease traps and sand/oil/water separators must be sized by Gwinnett County Public Utilities.

Building Plans shall include the following:

  • Foundation plan
  • Floor plan with dimensions and total square footage
  • Exterior building elevations
  • Wall sections and details
  • Electrical, plumbing, mechanical
  • Metal Building (pre-engineered)

Submit one hard copy set of stamped plans along with a digital set of plans on disc (.TIF format) to the City for review. Upon approval you must submit a completed Building Permit Application, an updated digital copy (if changes were required), pay all corresponding fees and submit all Subcontractor Affidavits.  

Any questions please contact Carol Hill.