Permit Information & Links



Building Permit

Subcontractor Affidavit

Temporary Sign Permit

Monument Sign Permit

Wall Sign Permit

*HVAC Permit (plans require approval by Gwinnett Fire Marshal for commercial grease traps/ hoods)

*Plumbing Permit

*Electrical Permit

Energy Code Affidavit

Inspection Request Form

Swimming Pool Permit

Land Disturbance Permit

Residential Erosion Control Affidavit

Temporary Political Campaign Permit

Route Sheet

Zoning Applications/Forms:



Conditional Use Permit

Special Use Permit


Administrative Variance

Temporary Use Permit

Temporary Use Permit Extension

Downtown Review Board Application (CBD, CPD-C, HSO, CPD-R)

Zoning Modification


Development Regulations Waiver

Buffer, Landscape & Tree Ordinance Waiver

Highway Commercial (HC) Regulations Waiver


Development Regulations Modification

Administrative Site Plan Modification

Zoning Modification

Buffer, Landscape & Tree Ordinance Modification

Other Forms:

Tree Density Calculation Form for Single Family Lot

Maintenance and Performance Bond Packet for New Development(CDC Packet)

Bond Calculation Form

Street Light Petition

Speed Hump Petition

Open Records Request

BMP Tracking Form

BMP Maintenance Agreement

BMP Inspection Report

Georgia EPD NPDES Stormwater Permit Forms

Yard Sale Permit

Right of Way Registration Right of Way Ordinance

Donation Boxes

Vacant Property Registration