Welcome to the Alcohol Beverage Licensing Department! This is the one-stop shop for Alcohol Beverage Licensing, Alcohol Handling Permits, and Alcohol Awareness Training for the City of Duluth. 

All businesses within the city limits of Duluth that are interested in serving or selling any type of alcohol beverage (liquor, spirits, distilled beverages, beer, and/or wine) are required to obtain an Alcohol Beverage License. We are happy to assist you with all of your alcohol related questions. You may contact us by visiting the Business Office in City Hall at 3167 Main Street, emailing us at or by calling 770.476.3434. 

House Bill 879 was signed into law by Governor Kemp on August 3, 2020 and the full version can be accessed at  Subsequently, the Mayor and Council of the City of Duluth approved an ordinance amending the Duluth Code On November 9, 2020 to incorporate these changes at the local level.  Access the full version of Ordinance O2020-27 at

In summary: 

1.  Packaged goods retailers (convenience stores, grocery stores) and restaurants who are licensed to sell alcohol may now offer delivery of wine and malt beverages.  Package (liquor) stores may deliver wine, malt beverages, and liquor.  The GA Department of Revenue has outlined all the requirements for delivery options, which include a training course, ID verification, etc.  See the DOR website for specifics,  Businesses who intend to participate in delivery must notify the Duluth City Clerk in writing of their intent to do so, by emailing No other City licensure is required.
2.  The electors of the City of Duluth previously passed the “brunch bill” for restaurants, which allowed Sunday “on-premise” alcohol sales beginning at 11:00am.  Effective 11/10/20, Package alcohol sales (convenience, grocery, liquor stores) and alcohol delivery may now also begin at 11:00am on Sundays.
3.  Tastings of beer, wine and distilled spirits are now allowed on premises of a retail package/liquor store, on a limited basis.  See the full ordinance for restrictions related to number of tastings per year, duration of event, type and amounts of samples provided.  Liquor stores who intend to participate in tasting events must notify the City Clerk in writing prior to EACH event by emailing may also be submitted on a monthly basis, 3 days prior to the first event of each month.
4.  Effective 11/10/20, alcohol handling permits for all servers/salespersons will be issued for a TWO year period at a cost of $70.  Applications for new permits must be made in person at Duluth City Hall; renewals are processed ONLINE.  Email for permitting questions.

Other small changes were made regarding % of food sales for Sunday alcohol sales (50%), curbside service, grocery store tastings, and penalties for owners/managers upon violation by employees of their establishment.  If you have questions about the information above or wish to clarify any components of the Duluth ordinance, please email

For questions regarding GA Dept. of Revenue requirements, call 877-423-6711 or access the DOR website for the division of Alcohol and Tobacco

On this site you will find the following:

1. New Alcohol Beverage License Application
2. Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application
3. Supplemental Alcohol Beverage License Applications (catering, special event, and special event non-profit) 
4. Alcohol Handling Permit Application (new and renewal)
5. Alcohol Awareness Training (dates, times, and cost)
6. Excise Tax Report and Payment Options