New Business Application

The City of Duluth is excited to become your partner in business!

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Zoning Verification is for a specific property and determines if the City of Duluth Unified Development Code (UDC) allows a proposed use. Such verification is required before applying for an Occupational Tax Certificate (business license). Please ensure that your business activity is an allowed use prior to signing lease agreements or commencing any other type of business establishment activity. Any such zoning approval is base on current regulations as of the certification date and is subject to change.

All "Zoning Verifications" and "Move-In-As-Is" Applications must be emailed to Once received, you will be contacted by staff within 2 business days. 

Step 1: The approval of the zoning inspection for the occupational taxes does not constitute a legal nonconforming use. If you plan to open a commercial business, the Zoning Verification Package is also located in the Planning Department, Second Floor in Duluth City Hall.

Step 2: Review your application prior to submission. Checklist for Occupational Tax Applications

Step 3:
If your new business is at a commercial site or in-home, complete the application below:

If you are exempt from paying City of Duluth Occupational Taxes due to "non-profit" status, or if your business is conducted in another jurisdiction in Georgia where a majority of your income is derived, complete the Exemption Application.

Step 4: Click here to access the Occupational Tax Calculation Worksheet (in Excel). This worksheet will calculate the tax amount due. The minimum amount due for any business is $100, which includes  the administration fee. The maximum amount due for any business is $12,500 plus the administration fee.

We are happy to provide you with an Occupational Tax - Business Regulation Packet that illustrates important licensing information and assistance with completing the application.  Please contact Nancy Samuel, Occupational Tax Officer at 770.476.3434 or for assistance.