Date: March 30, 2019
Time: 12pm-8pm
Enjoy endless crawfish with exotic flavors, live music, a beer garden and more on Duluth Town Green!

This family-friendly event is brought to you by Rock 100.5Kicks 101.5 and the City of Duluth. MuddBuggs & Music is an all ages event with the freshest crawfish in the country, delicious low country boil, 5 musical acts and more. Kids 10 and under FREE with accompanying adult.  18 and under must have a legal guardian. There will be other food options available. 

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Are the crawfish a product of the United States?
-Yes!  All of the crawfish originate from the Louisiana Atchafalia Basin

Are pets permitted at MuddBuggs and Music?
- Yes.  Well behaved and well-mannered pets are permitted and owners are responsible for picking up after them.

Is MuddBuggs and Music a rain or shine event?
- Yes.  A little rain never hurt anyone but should the weather turn dangerous we will suspend operations until conditions improve.

Is MuddBuggs and Music a family/kid friendly event?
- YES!  100% kid friendly and family approved with games and activities specifically for the kids. 

Are coolers OR outside food and beverages permitted? 
-Sorry but no coolers nor outside food or beverages are permitted into the event.  We will have ample supplies of water (including free sources) and non-alcoholic beverages along with beer and wine available on-site.

Will there be any foods options OTHER than Crawfish?
- Yes.  In addition to the amazingly delicious crawfish, we will also have other food options available for purchase?

How large is the complimentary crawfish sample with every general admission ticket sold?
-Each general admission ticket receives a 5 ounce (4-5 crawfish) sample of crawfish (does not include any fixin’s)

What constitutes a purchased order of Crawfish and fixin’s and what is the cost?
-An order of Crawfish and Fixin’s includes at least 1 and a 1/4 pounds of fresh, boiled on-site crawfish with corn and potatoe fixin’s at a cost of around $20 per order.  (Actual cost will be based on market prices at that time).

Does my VIP ticket really get me all I can eat crawfish and fixin’s? 
-Indeed your VIP ticket allows you all you can eat crawfish and fixin’s PLUS from 12:30 — 7:30pm.  What are “fixin’s plus”?  VIP crawfish service includes sausage and mushrooms along with the corn and potatoes.