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Duluth GA

Duluth Art Week

Before I Die Board Dee Dee Tree Wraps Art Gallery DSC_0114
be Duluth. BE art.
Art Week

Duluth Art Week is an award-winning event created to offer different art experiences for all to enjoy. The City of Duluth announced the unveiling of the new Public Art Master Plan on May 9th, 2015. In honor of the unveiling, an 8-day art week was created. Beautiful tree & light pole wrappings were placed all over Duluth! Large chalk board triangles were placed to give residents the chance to publicly reveal what they want to do "Before I Die"! A symbol of Duluth clucked her way around Duluth and hidden glass art pieces were placed throughout Duluth for residents to find in "Tweet and Go Seek"


May 7-14, 2016
More information coming soon!