Personnel Directory

CITY HALL MAIN NUMBER - 770.476.3434     
City Manager James Riker citymanager@duluthga.net 770.225.8827
Assistant to the Mayor & City Manager Kim Jackson citymanager@duluthga.net 770.225.8827
Asst City Manager/Finance & Redev. Director Ken Sakmar finance@duluthga.net  770.476.3434
Accounting Officer Beth Reeves finance@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Budget & Finance Analyst Sarah Yamada finance@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Sr. Accounting Technician Melissa Reeves accountspayable@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Accounting/HR Technician Amanda Marks accountspayable@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Asst City Manager/City Clerk Teresa Lynn cityclerk@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Deputy City Clerk Kristin McGregor cityclerk@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Administrative Records Management Officer Danielle Ruedt druedt@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Business Office Division      
Occupational Tax Officer Nancy Samuel occtax@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Property Tax Officer Crystal Huntzinger taxes@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Alcohol & Excise Tax Officer Leslie Ward alcohol@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Receptionist Wendy Bethancourt receptionist@duluthga.net 770.476.3434
Receptionist (PT)  Annette McIntosh  receptionist@duluthga.net 770.476.3434 
Human Resources Division      
Human Resources Manager Ed Johnson hr@duluthga.net 770.497.5290
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Jocelyn McGiboney hr@duluthga.net 770.497.5287
Accounting/HR Technician  Amanda Marks  hr@duluthga.net  770-476-3434 
Information Technology Division      
IT Manager Jeff Pruett help@duluthga.net 770.497.5299
Deputy IT Manager Steve Beauregard help@duluthga.net 770.497.5299
IT Technician William Johnson help@duluthga.net 770.497.5299
Building Maintenance Worker II Kent Graham   770.476.3434
Chief Judge/Court Administrator Charles L. Barrett, III courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Clerk of Court Amanda Morrison courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Deputy Clerk of Court Ivory Bennett courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Judicial Administrative Assistant Arlissa Eason courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Court Cashier Sam White courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Sr. Court Assistant Sylvia Francis courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Sr. Court Assistant  Christopher Roberts courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Court Assistant Julie Hamilton courts@duluthga.net 770.623.2771
Court Assistant (PT) Rhonda Briscoe courts@duluthga.net  770.623.2771
Court Assistant (PT) Cindy Chu courts@duluthga.net  770.623.2771
PARKS & RECREATION     770.814.6981
Parks & Recreation Director Kathy Marelle parks&rec@duluthga.net 678.417.9269
Assistant Director of Recreation Jason Rogers parks&rec@duluthga.net 770.497.5302
Assistant Director of Parks John Keating parks&rec@duluthga.net 770.497.5328
Assistant Director of Athletics Brandon Davis parks&rec@duluthga.net 770.497.5331
Facilities/Special Events Coordinator Beth Anne Woodruff parks&rec@duluthga.net 770.814.6981
Recreation Program Coordinator Karlee Smith parks&rec@duluthga.net 770.814.6981
Parks Maintenance Supervisor Craig Corley parks&rec@duluthga.net 770.497.5330
Building Maintenance Worker II Kevin Hayes parks&rec@duluthga.net 770.814.6981
Park Maintenance Worker I Garin Butler parks&rec@duluthga.net  
Parks Maintenance Worker I Blake Birdsong parks&rec@duluthga.net  
PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT     770.476.1790
Planning Director Bill Aiken Planning@duluthga.net 770.476.1790
Planning Manager Dan Robinson Planning@duluthga.net 678.957.7274
Planner/GIS Specialist Anna Zendt Planning@duluthga.net 678.475.3519
City Engineer Margie Pozin Planning@duluthga.net 678.957.7284
Administrative Assistant Carol Hill Planning@duluthga.net 770.623.2789
Building Official Division      
Building Official Joe Stapleton Planning@duluthga.net 770.497.5320
Development Coordinator Layla Corley Planning@duluthga.net 770.497.5294
Code Compliance Division      
Code Compliance Manager Marcus Head Planning@duluthga.net 770-497-5013
Sr. Code Compliance Officer Shelley Shepphard Planning@duluthga.net 770.497.5297
Code Compliance Officer Liz Bradshaw Planning@duluthga.net 770.497.5319
Code Compliance Officer Kevin McIntire Planning@duluthga.net 770.497.5013
Code & License Compliance Officer (PT) John Compton Planning@duluthga.net 770.497.5005
Stormwater Division      
Stormwater Program Manager Josh Arnold stormwater@duluthga.net 770.497.5311
Stormwater Assistant Alyssa Gilhooly stormwater@duluthga.net 770.497.5311
Economic Development Manager Chris McGahee economicdevelopment@duluthga.net 770.497.5309
Public Information & Marketing Manager Alisa Williams pio@duluthga.net 678.475.3506 
Senior Marketing & Outreach Coordinator Talore Ruedt pio@duluthga.net 678.957.7271
Events Coordinator Jessica Gross pio@duluthga.net 770.497-5012
Senior Economic Development & Marketing Specialist Kaitlyn Redish economicdevelopment@duluthga.net 770.497.5010
Building Maintenance Worker II Denise Bailey   770.814.6981
Event Assistant (PT) Angel King    
Event Assistant (PT) Victoria Matsota    
Public Works Director Audrey Turner publicworks@duluthga.net 678.475.3517
Public Works Deputy Director Jason Brock publicworks@duluthga.net 678.410.5459
Administrative Assistant (PT) Susan Weber publicworks@duluthga.net 770.476.2454
Chief Randy Belcher chief@duluthpd.com 770.476.4151
Deputy Chief  Col. Jackie Carruth command@duluthpd.com 678.512.3728
Office of Professional Standards Maj. Mark Hunter command@duluthpd.com 678.512.3705
Police Public Information Officer Ted Sadowski pdpio@duluthpd.com 678.512.3731
Police Dispatch     770.476.4151