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Duluth GA


Duluth was the first city in the state to implement a weekly multi-material curbside recycling program. With community involvement and support, this program continues to surpass each year’s expectations. Duluth residents regularly divert over 25% of our curbside waste away from landfills. Place your bin or rolling cart at the curb before 7:00 a.m. each Wednesday morning for collection.

Recycling is offered to Duluth residents at no charge. You may obtain a recycling bin at the Duluth Public Works building at 2450 Chattahoochee Drive. Bring your damaged old recycling bin to Public Works to exchange for a new one. If you are moving and leaving Duluth, please return the old bin to Public Works or leave it for the New Resident.

In our continuing efforts to reduce sanitation waste and expand recyclables, we are now offering a 95gal recycle container to our City of Duluth residents. If you are interested in receiving a 95gal recycle container please click the link below to submit an email request. Please include your name, phone number, full address, and email and we will be glad to deliver one to you.


Every resident will be added to a waiting list for delivery. The deliveries will be delivered as a first come first serve basis. All deliveries will be done every Friday of each week. Please provide an email address and we will reply back to you once a delivery date has been set with additional recycle information.

If you would like to have your current 18gal recycle bin removed along with the delivery please place the bin out at the curb on your scheduled delivery date and we will remove it for you or you may take your bin to the City Public Works Department.

Thank you for choosing Republic Services! It is our pleasure serving you!


  1. Newspapers and inserts


  1. Cardboard boxes (broken down)
  2. Pizza Boxes

Kraft Paper

  1. Kraft paper
  2. Paper grocery bags
  3. Shopping and lunch bags — paper


  1. Paperboard
  2. Cereal Boxes
  3. Tissue Boxes
  4. Paper towel cores
  5. Soda and beer cartons
  6. Shoe boxes


  1. Magazines
  2. Shopping catalogues

Junk Mail

  1. Discarded mail
  2. Greeting Cards
  3. Envelopes

Mixed Paper

  1. Calendars
  2. School Papers
  3. Carbonless forms — paper

Other Paper

  1. Computer paper
  2. Old phone directories
  3. Paperback books


  1. Aluminum beverage containers
  2. Aluminum baking tins
  3. Aluminum food containers


  1. Steel food containers
  2. Empty aerosol cans
  3. Clean metallic lids


  1. Glass bottles and jars


  1. Plastic soda and water bottles
  2. Milk jugs
  3. Plastic detergent bottles
  4. Plastic Bottles

Please call Republic Services at 678-963-2800 with any questions regarding the Recycling program. Information regarding residential or commercial service.

Vehicle Recycling