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Duluth GA

Calculate Tax Bill


The formula used to calculate property tax owed is Assessed Property Value (calculated at 40% of fair market value) minus exemptions (Basic Homestead, etc) multiplied by the millage rate.

Fair Market Value X 40% = Assessed Value – Exemptions X Millage Rate = Property Tax $100,000 x 40% = $40,000 – $2,000 x .006551 = $248.94.

Stormwater fees are added on to property tax values for every residential and commercial property with an impervious area for a total amount due.        

City of Duluth exemption amounts are as follows:

Homestead $2,000.00

Senior (65 or older) $2,000.00 (Income limit 25,000.00)

100% Disabled $2,000.00

Disabled veteran $ 77,307

  • To file for both City and County exemptions, file with the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioners office at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30045, 770-822-8800.
  • All address changes must also be made with the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioners office.