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Duluth GA

Property Tax Reporting

2017 Billing informmation is available by account on the website.  For properties who escrow their taxes, third party payments are accepted and considered on-time if received prior to the due date of December 15, 2017.  

The ORIGINAL billing file with all parcels will be posted HERE on September 15th.  On the 16th of every month thereafter, an updated report of unpaid accounts may be accessed through this link: UNPAID ACCOUNTS.

PLEASE NOTE: there are TWO charges listed for each account - property tax and stormwater tax.  Both of these totals should be included when remitting payment for each parcel number.  Any unpaid balances after December 15th are subject to interest and penalties as allowed by Georgia Law.


Should you have any questions regarding individual account balances, you may visit the payonline page to look them up by parcel number, or email taxes@duluthga.net with any other questions you may have.  Thank you for timely payment of your City of Duluth property taxes!.