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Duluth GA

Blue Ridge Industrial Parkway Stormwater Project, 2016

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Project Summary :  In March, 2016, City staff conducted detention pond inspections and located sink holes starting to form along Blue Ridge Industrial Parkway.  The pipes under the road were then videoed to determine the extent of damage.  Since the road is used primarily by heavy vehicles including tractor trailers and school buses, Council immediately took action to approve emergency repairs.  With the help of outstanding contractor Southern Premier, the Gwinnett County Board of Education, and the local business owners, the City was able to make complete repairs of the stormwater detention system which included two ponds, an outlet control structure, and multiple pipes, many of which were buried 25’ below the existing road.  The project included 60” Class V concrete pipe to replace the existing 60” corrugated metal pipe that had corroded and crushed under the road, causing the dirt from the shoulder and the neighboring detention pond to dislodge and syphon through the pipes to the lower pond.  Also included was the replacement of downstream pipes which were corroded and in disrepair, as well as several drainage structures.  The lower pond was then dredged and all slopes were stabilized to prevent further erosion.

With an initial budget/price tag of $490,000, the project came in on schedule and under budget.

(Photo: New Outfall and Stabilized Slopes at the Lower Pond)