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Duluth GA


Carey Fisher

Mr. Carey Fisher holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Ga. Tech and a Masters degree in Technology Management from Mercer University.  He has held design, manufacturing and management roles in various electronics technologies in the Atlanta area since graduating from Ga. Tech in the late 1970’s.  He currently works with embedded electronic systems at Omnimetrix, LLC in Buford, GA.

Mr. Fisher has held various offices in the Barkeley Square Homeowners’ Association. As President, he led the successful effort to annex Barkeley Square into the City of Duluth.  Mr. Fisher has been on the Zoning Board of Appeals since 2006 and is currently the Chairman. Mr. Fisher and his wife live in Duluth and have 3 grown children who also live and work in the area.


Ken Wilson

Mr. Wilson is a mechanical estimator for Lauren Engineers and Constructors, Inc.  For the past 20 years, he has made Duluth his home along with his wife, Vicki, and children, Kyle and Dana. Mr. Wilson has been involved in the Duluth community through youth sports, the Fall Festival and supporting the Duluth school cluster.  

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