Criminal Investigations

capt hunterThe Criminal Investigations Division (CID), headed by Capt. Mark Hunter,  is comprised of three units, Investigations, Crime Suppression and Community Policing. CID is tasked with follow-up investigations into active criminal cases occurring within the jurisdiction of the City of Duluth, providing focused preventive crime identification and preventive enforcement and direct community police service and educational programs. Criminal Investigations is headed by Captain Mark Hunter, and has an authorized staff of two Sergeants, five Detectives, four crime suppression Officers and one Community Policing Officer.

CID has the additional responsibilities of regulating pawn shops. The Criminal Investigation Division investigates all types of cases which include crimes against persons, property crimes, vice and narcotics. CID initiates targeted and focused suppression patrols in response to crime trends and community needs through the Crime Suppression unit. CID also coordinates educational programs in local schools, coordinates Neighborhood Watch programs, conducts training with residential and business groups and other crime prevention and related programs for the community through the Community Policing unit.

Duluth Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division is dedicated to thoroughly and professionally serve the citizens of the Duluth community through a three level approach; 1) education, self help and prevention tips, 2) rapid response to crime trends and community concerns with suppression and prevention patrol and 3) investigate all unsolved crimes occurring within it’s jurisdiction. CID operates with the goal of identifying and apprehending offenders, recovering lost or stolen property, locating, processing, documenting, gathering and evaluating evidence regarding criminal activity, and assisting in the prosecution of those charged with criminal offenses.

 To Contact Capt. Hunter, call 770-476-4151 or email

To Submit Drug Tip Information (you may remain anonymous) 770-476-4151

To Submit Crime Tips (you may remain anonymous) 770-476-4151