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Duluth GA

Community Oriented Police Services


The Department is committed to developing and maintaining good working relationships and rapport with the entire community and its representatives. The COPS Unit is tasked with establishing close ties with all segments of the community and responding to the community's needs as appropriate through development and implementation of programs that establish a partnership between the community and the department. The Duluth Police Department is committed to making the City of Duluth and the general community a better and safer place for its citizens and those individuals who commute through, conduct business in or carry out personal interests within the City. The Department is also committed to the overall reduction in crime through proactive crime prevention programs. Crime prevention programs developed and provided through the COPS program address Departmental goals and community needs. COPS will assist in the creation and establishment of community watches, neighborhood watches; and business and professional support groups in all areas interested in crime prevention. Once such groups are established, the COPS Unit maintains a close working relationship and liaison with the group leaders and members for the purpose of creating and establishing crime prevention programs and activities. COPS coordinates and shares information with other departmental units (Uniform and CID) to help reduce crime in the city and provide for a safer community. Crime prevention programs and activities are prioritized based on need as established from gathering pertinent crime data.

The C.O.P.S. Unit offers the following educational programs and services to our community:

A.D.V.A.N.C.E. (Avoiding Drugs, Violence and Negative Choices Early)- This is a seven-session program designed to give 5th grade students in Gwinnett County the skills and knowledge to deal with pressures they may face as they transition into the middle school environment.  Topics like peer-pressure, stress, violence, gangs and drugs are covered during each of the 45-minute sessions taught by a Duluth Police Officer.  The program also provides mentoring to the students by local law enforcement officers.  At the end of these sessions, a graduation is held for the students who have successfully completed this program.  Currently, Duluth's A.D.V.A.N.C.E. program is only offered to 5th grade students at Chattahoochee Elementary and Mason Elementary Schools.

B.A.D.G.E. (Bullying, Alcohol, Drugs and Gang Education)- This program is taught by a Duluth Police Officer to 7th - 8th graders in the Duluth Community.  Topics relevant to students about to make the transition into middle school are discussed.  Officers educate students about bullying, underage drinking, being offered drugs and being asked to join gangs. 

TEEN COURT- This program was developed to help educate the young drivers in Georgia about speeding, drinking and driving, seatbelt usage, aggressive driving, and other violations frequently committed by teens.  Both parents and young drivers attend a mock court presentation so that they can see what exactly can happen when a teen driver gets pulled over, or is arrested.  This program is a joint effort between the C.O.P.S. Unit and Duluth Municipal Court.

YOUTH POLICE ACADEMY-The Youth Police Academy (YPA) is designed to educate middle school and high school students (ages 13-17 years-old) that live in the City of Duluth about the police department and how officers enforce local and state laws. The goal of the YPA is to create and develop a relationship with students and give them an opportunity to learn about the Duluth Police Department’s role in the community and the delivery of services it provides.

ADAP (Alcohol, Drug Awareness Program)-Teens under the age of 18 are required by law to show proof that they have completed ADAP in order to obtain their Class D driver's license. This program is taught to all 9th grade Health class at the Duluth High School.

For more information any of the C.O.P.S. programs listed, please contact Sgt. Steve Daniels, sdaniels@duluthpd.com, or call 678-512-3795.