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Duluth GA


All Duluth Alcoholic Beverage Licenses expire July 1st of each year.  The City will mail out renewal applications in April, and they are due back by June 1st to allow adequate time for processing.  PLEASE NOTE THAT RENEWALS RECEIVED AFTER JUNE 1ST ARE SUBJECT TO A 10% LATE FEE.

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The owners, managers and employees of each establishment must ALL have current alcohol handling permits on file with the Duluth City Hall before a renewal license will be issued. Permits will be renewable at Duluth City Hall during regular permit hours.

Georgia Alcohol Licenses expires December 31st of each year. For further information regarding your STATE license, please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue (404) 417-4900 or visit them at https://gaefile.dor.ga.gov/HelpLinks/welcome.htm to renew your Georgia Alcohol License.

For more information, email Alcohol Officer Leslie Ward at alcohol@duluthga.net or call 770/476-3434.

To report underage alcohol violations (24-hours a day), please call the Duluth Police Department (770) 476-4151 or GA Department of Revenue (877) CHECK-ID