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Veterans Flags & Markers

FlagsNov Duluth Photo Contest by Margie Ritchie  Honoring Our Past Celebrating Our Future Duluth Memorial Day crosses


Markers moving due to safety concerns

It has become increasingly dangerous for our employees to place markers on SR120 and Pleasant Hill Road. Because of this danger, all markers on SR 120 and Pleasant Hill Road will be moved to other locations over the next 12 months.  Please be understanding that the City places safety for its employees first.  We will do our best to contact everyone who is affected by a marker being moved. 

The first group of markers to be moved will be those on SR 120 from the Methodist Church west to SR 23.  Those markers will be moved to locations on SR 23.

Markers on Pleasant Hill Road west, from McClure Bridge Road to Peachtree Industrial Boulevard will be moved to SR 23, just north of Pleasant Hill Road.

New Committee for Policy Exceptions
This Board shall consist of one member of the governing body, two citizens of Duluth (at least one of whom is an active or retired veteran, Chairperson of the Planning Commission, and the Public Works Director.  Members will be appointed by the Mayor and Council to serve a four-year term.  Meetings will be held twice annually, as needed, to consider applications for exceptions and exemptions from the City’s Operating Procedure governing the Veteran’s Marker Program. 

Please contact the Public Works Office for any questions regarding this Board.  If you are interested in serving your City, complete the attached application and return to aturner@duluthga.net

About our markers

Each year the streets of the City of Duluth are lined with more than 800 markers and flags, representing those who served in the armed forces.  The flags and markers are on display the week before and after Memorial Day, and also the week before and after Veterans Day.

For additional information on this memorial, please contact the Department of Public Works at 770 476-2454.  You may also view the current listing of the veterans names, including the location of each marker and service.  All new markers this holiday will be placed in Section 73 (at 3400 McClure Bridge Road). 

Would you like to add a Veteran Flag Marker?  Read our current policy on requesting markers.  Please fill out the Veteran Flag Marker Request Form and submit it to Public Works at 2450 Chattahoochee Drive, Duluth, Georgia 30097. To verify your  veteran's  information go to http://vetrecs.archives.gov/