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Duluth GA

Request for Proposals

April 2, 2014  Invitation to Bid
Bunten Road Park Seating, Drainage and Trail Improvements

Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Duluth (Owner), 3167 Main Street, Duluth, GA 30096  
Attn: Teresa Lynn, Office of the City Clerk, until _2:00 p.m. legally prevailing time on May 1, 2014_ for:

Bunten Road Park Seating, Drainage and Trail Improvements 

Any proposal received after said time and date will be marked late and not opened.  The Proposal, Corporate Certificate, and Bid Bond (3 originals of each) must be submitted in a sealed package identifying the project, prospective bidder’s name, address and license number and date and hour of submittal on the outside of the package.  No extension of the bidding period will be made.  Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at 2:00 PM in the Executive Conference Room on the 2nd Floor of the Duluth City Hall.

THIS WILL BE A BID OPENING AND READING ONLY. No determination as to the most responsive Bid, from the most responsible Bidder will be made until a thorough evaluation has been conducted by the City of Duluth; including receipt and evaluation of any additional information, of any kind, from any Bidder(s).

The Instructions to Bidders, Bid Information and Forms, Project Manual, Specifications, Drawings, Bid Bond, Performance and Labor & Material Payment Bond requirements and other Documents related to the bidding and construction of the Work of this Project may be obtained via the following procedure:

Project plans and specifications for the  Bunten Road Park Seating, Drainage and Trail Improvements will be available at the City of Duluth Planning Department to review and will be available electronically at no charge. 


he City of Duluth is the only official release site for this invitation or any addenda that may be issued for same.  The City of Duluth will not be held responsible for errors or omissions in submitted proposals.

The Contractor’s Proposal will include the furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, and all thing necessary pursuant to Drawings, Specifications and Conditions, etc., for construction of  Bunten Road Park Seating, Drainage and Trail Improvementshereinafter referred to as the Project).

Proposed Project Location:  3180 Bunten Road, Duluth, Georgia 30096

Scope of Work: To improve site drainage, add concrete seating, replace scoring booths repair parking lots, add concrete curb and complete the trail repaving. The parking lot project will run from May 31, 2014 until August 31, 2014 the trail improvements can happen after that date.  Staging and construction phasing will be a key piece of the project to allow access to the building throughout the summer.
Electronic Downloads are below
Project Manual
Civil Drawings
Architectural Drawings
Structural Drawings

A pre-Bid meeting was held on Friday April 11, 2014 at 10am, the meeting minutes and sign in sheet from that meeting are below. 
Pre-Bid Meeting Minutes
Sign In Sheet

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